Natural Stone

We seek to meet the needs of our customers, combining knowledge with experience, design skills, execution, and quality finishes, based on the use/transformation of noble materials such as marble, limestone, onyx, granite and quartz.

TDM assumes that it wants to be a reference in the ornamental stone and metals sector, from project/design to transformation and application.

The combination of stone and metal makes us unique and differentiating in the service we provide where creativity is the limit, with the trust of architects, designers, decorators, construction companies, and marble workers.

We make all your projects and pieces real with bespoke formats, standard measures, or special works, such as wall and floor coverings, as well as elements of decorative furniture pieces.

We supply plates of all types of stone, in standard thicknesses of 2cm and 3cm and also in other thicknesses. The offer can be made available with different finishes.

We also have standard dimensions in both the metric system (cm) and the imperial system (inches).

Slates and Shales